EUSR: About The Scheme

EUSR is designed to support industry employers and add value to the sector. EUSR training provides support for the gas, power, waste management and water industries.

Energy & Utility Skills (EU Skills) operates an independent skills platform, referred to as EUSR, which provides recognised standards for the utility sector.

Individuals who qualify for registration with EUSR training are issued with a card and appear on the EUSR website. EUSR training is beneficial to both employers and individuals.

Employers have a robust way of verifying the qualifications of their workers whilst individuals have a recognised method of demonstrating their abilities.

EUSR | Plant for Utilities Scheme (PLUS)

Pre-Qualification Criteria
EUSR Utility SHEA passport or CSCS

The PLUS training schemes provides tailored training for utilities and waste management industries where the skills required for plant operation that are applied differently to the construction industry. Plant can be general construction equipment, specialist equipment designed to do a specific task, or large pieces of fixed plant performing a process.

EUSR training offers the only utility focussed plant scheme within our industries; ensuring training/assessments are robust, quality assured and contextually relevant. As there are many different types of equipment which fall under the EUSR PLUS umbrella, the scheme is split into a number of categories depending on the use of each piece of plant. The separate EUSR PLUS categories are listed below.

Skill Levels

EUSR Plant operators are those with limited or no operating experience on the equipment and require foundation training to achieve EUSR certificate standard.

Semi-experienced plant operators are those with some operator experience but require improvement training to achieve EUSR certificate standard.

Experienced plant operators are those not requiring any formal training, only an EUSR assessment/test.
Training with ITS under the EUSR scheme will be sufficient training to satisfy the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that operatives are competent in field which they have been trained.

Why choose ITS?

With over 25 years in the training industry, ITS is well equipped to deliver all types of formally recognised accreditations; EUSR is no exception. At ITS we have a team of full-time, highly qualified and experienced instructors that deliver training on-centre, as well as at customer locations.